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GLOW is the first personal lifestyle free magazine, published in Thessaloniki, Greece since December 2005. Since the beginning, Thessaloniki embraced GLOW, that was meant to be the utmost guide of good living, fashion trends and latest news and what’s more an up to date cosmopolitan magazine. Since its publication, GLOW has featured many exceptional personalities in its cover pages as well as many exclusive contents. Today, GLOW is Thessaloniki’s leading magazine for almost 5 years and it’s followers are increasing in Athens as well.

SEGMENT: Monthly, lifestyle magazine

TIRAGE: 20.000 copies

Thessaloniki: 4,400 send by post to the “best houses in the city” 11,000 distributed in the “hot spots of town”

Athens: 5,000 distribute in 100 distinct places in Athens

TARGET GROUP: Men-Women 25-50, upper social class

DISTRIBUTION: By the team of the company to: hotels, cafes, restaurants, stores, beauty salons, museums, art galleries, hair salons


Below you can find some of our monthly columns and magazine’s contents.

Interviews: with the most glowing and upcoming persons of the greek every day life

Lifestyle: monthly columns regarding hot trends and proposals for successful way of living

Glow Up: hot news and proposals for the people and the objects that stand out!

Reviews – fashion news: the most up-to-date info re the world of fashion

It GLOW: upper fashion reportages with info re all grand fashion houses

Styling: shopping guide and reportage

Style guide: budget friendly proposals for every type of woman

Trend: the monthly trend described in every detail

Notes: a complete monthly agenda containing all necessary info of upcoming events

Glow life & good life: lifestyle, travel, food, up-to-date, standing out, hot proposals that will be discussed!

Beauty guide: boudoir, love life, hair expert, well – all our beauty columns, the best advice from all top experts.

+ hot social news, decor news, cosmetics etc